Mhmm 3 is here! Full visual builder compatibility and faster! Check out what you need to know before updating in our FAQ’s.


Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading to 3.0?


If you are upgrading to Mhmm 3.X, you will need to update your fonts. You will also need to import your layouts to the Theme Builder. Watch this short tutorial video for more details!

Can I create Custom Menus for different Pages?

You sure can! Since Mhmm is now based around the Theme Builder, all you need to do is create a Theme Builder template, select which pages it should appear on, then build/import your layouts. This also makes it much easier to assign a menu to multiple pages all at once!

Can I create different Menus for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile?

Yeah! You can use the Divi “Disable” feature to hide certain items and add others. Or click on the “Advanced” tab and choose exactly which pixel width to hide certain elements and display others.

Can I decide when my Mobile Menu appears?

Absolutely. Go to the “Advanced” tab of the “Mhmm. – Inline” module and you can choose where to hide and show items based on screen width.

Can I build Mega Menus with Mhmm.?

Yes! This was a huge feature that was a must for us. You can even copy Sections & Rows from your Pages to add to your Mhmm. Mega Menus! Add Opt-Ins, Blurbs, Sliders… whatever you’d like!

Can I add buttons or text next to my Hamburger Menu Icon?

Certainly. You can add nearly any Divi module before the Hamburger Icon including Text, Buttons, and Images.

Can I trigger my Mega Menu with hover?

Yes! You’ll need to add “mhmm-hover” as a class to any links/buttons that you want to trigger the mega menu on hover.

What about social icons?

Add them wherever you like! You’re using Divi after all… how about the Social Media module? Slap it wherever you like! Or get fancy and integrate Font Awesome into your site!

Can I make my sub-items tiered or clickable?

Of course. We created tiers to our Slide-In and Fullwidth Menu options so that when you click on a Parent Page, the sub-pages slide in. Check out demos 3 & 4.

Does it still show the Divi Secondary Menu?

It doesn’t, but that’s okay! Just add another Row or Section above your Mhmm. menu to create your own Custom Secondary Menu.

Can I add Icons next to my menu items in my Mega Menu?

Try adding menu items with the Divi Blurb module. Then set the icon to “left” instead of “top”. That’ll look nice!

What are the limitations for backgrounds?

Use gradients, images, or colors!

In other words, want a few options for mobile devices? Duplicate your Mhmm. module. Disable the first one for desktop and disable the second for tablet and mobile. Then set the settings accordingly.

Do you have a style more focused for Mobile?

Check out Demo 6. It sticks to the bottom — even on Mobile. That way your thumb is right next to the hamburger icon.

What about animations?

Animations work perfectly in the menu. However, if using animations within Mega Menus, you’ll need to add the class “mhmm-delay” to the trigger you’re using to open your menu.

Where do I find the demo content?

The demo json file can be found in your original order email, or you can download it from the orders section of your account.


The FAQs below are for users with advanced PHP, Javascript and CSS experience and should be used carefully.

Can I redirect a Contact Form module outside of my Mega Menu?
If you are using the Redirect option in a Contact Form module, you’ll need to tweak some code within the Divi theme to allow the redirect page to load in the parent frame (rather than the Mega Menu itself). This requires modifying theme files and should be done with caution by advanced users only.

Normally we would not recommend changing core theme files, as your changes will be lost if Divi releases an update. Therefore, the following steps are only recommended if you absolutely need a redirecting form within your Mega Menu.

That said, the change is simple. Find the following lines within the /includes/buidler/scripts/frontend-builder-scripts.js file (around line 3000):

if ('' !== redirect_url) {
    window.location.href = redirect_url;

You need to change

window.location.href = redirect_url;


top.location.href = redirect_url;

Again, this change will need to be replicated each time you update Divi.

“Mhmm. changes the game. Being able to create custom Headers, Menus & Mega Menus is amazing. Being familiar with the Divi Builder, I can create my custom Header & Menu extremely fast. I also love that I can have a different Menu for a Landing Page.”

John Wooten

Web Designer

“I've built 100+ websites with Divi. I absolutely love the Divi Builder & the flexibility it offers. Now with Mhmm., I can take my site's Header & Menu to the next level! With the ability to build the Header & Mega Menus with the Divi Builder, the options are truly endless.”

Jake Kramer

Web Designer

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Customers rave about Superfly’s support. If you have any troubles with Mhmm. Mighty Header & Menu Maker, our support team has your back.