Mighty Header & Menu Maker

Create your own custom Headers, Menus & Mega Menus using the Divi Builder. Set a custom breakpoint for your Menu to switch to your Mobile Menu, or use Divi’s built-in tools to change Menus & Logos on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile … and so much more!

Pre-Made Demos

You can also easily create your own Custom Header

Demo 1

Header starts at the bottom of the Page, scrolls to the top of the Page, and sticks to the top of the Page. Submenus automatically show above or below the Header automatically.

Demo 2

Logo is on the right and Menu on the left. On Tablet, Logo is centered and Menu is centered below. On Mobile, the Menu becomes a Hamburger Menu. An image background is used when the Menu is opened.

Demo 3

Features a Hamburger Menu, animated Logo, and a Call-to-Action button on the right. When Menu is opened, a slide-in menu with an image background appears. On Tablet & Mobile, the button is up top and the Menu at the bottom. Header fades out on scroll.

Demo 4

Header features the Hamburger Menu & Call-to-Action button next to each other on Desktop. These items stack on Tablet. The Call-to-Action button disappears on Mobile. The Logo animates and also changes for Tablet & Mobile.

Demo 5

Features a Mega Menu built using the Divi Builder! Logo also changes for Tablet & Mobile. Header sticks at the top of the Page.

Demo 6

Header sticks to the bottom of the Page. Logo & Menu stack on Tablet. On Mobile, Logo & Menu are inline. When opened, the Menu has a beautiful background image.

Demo 7

Features a Mega Menu made with the Divi Builder! Header sticks at the top of the Page. Logo & Hamburger Menu stay inline on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Demo 8

Features a Mega Menu made with the Divi Builder! Header scrolls on Page scroll. Logo & Hamburger Menu stack on Tablet & Mobile.

Additional Demos Coming Soon

You can also easily create your own Custom Header


Swap Menu per Page

Easily swap your menu and/or Logo per Page. Great for unique Landing Pages!

Swap Menu per Device

Easily swap Menu and/or Logo on Desktop, Laptop & Mobile.

Multiple Header Options

Including Scroll, Stick to Top, Stick to Bottom, Start at Bottom and Stick to Top on Scroll, and more.

Create Mega Menus

Easily craft Mega Menus with Opt-ins, Blurbs & any Divi Module.

Hamburger Menu Options

Multiple Hamburger Locations & Options including Color & Hover Color.

Slide-In Menu Options

Choose from Fullscreen, Slide-in Left & Slide-in Right. Easily pick an Image and/or Gradient Background for your Slide-In Menu.

Complete Background Control

Set your Header & Open Hamburger Menu’s background using Images, Gradients or both!

Total Font, Padding & Margin Control

Use Divi’s font picker to find the perfect font settings for your Menus. Control Horizontal Spacing for Inline Menus & Vertical Spacing for Hamburger Menus!

Stop Stacking

Prevent Divi’s default stacking of Columns on Tablet & Mobile with the included “Stop Stacking” Module Plugin.

Extra CSS Areas

For advanced CSS customizations, we’ve added additional CSS fields in the Module’s Advanced settings area.

Simple Alignment & Submenu Transitions

On desktop, easily center your Inline Menu vertically in your Header. We’ve also included a nice sliding submenu transition to Hamburger Submenus.

Use the Divi Builder

Build your Header & Menu (and Mega Menus!) using the Divi Builder!  Need we say more?  =)

“Mhmm. changes the game. Being able to create custom Headers, Menus & Mega Menus is amazing. Being familiar with the Divi Builder, I can create my custom Header & Menu extremely fast. I also love that I can have a different Menu for a Landing Page.”

John Wooten

Web Designer

“I've built 100+ websites with Divi. I absolutely love the Divi Builder & the flexibility it offers. Now with Mhmm., I can take my site's Header & Menu to the next level! With the ability to build the Header & Mega Menus with the Divi Builder, the options are truly endless.”

Jake Kramer

Web Designer

Incredible Support

Customers rave about Superfly’s support. If you have any troubles with Mhmm. Mighty Header & Menu Maker, our support team has your back.